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Pre-Marital Program

Pre- and Post-Marriage Preparation & Preservation Program

Suzanne spent many years designing a marriage preparation and preservation program for couples looking for a personalized service from a nonreligious perspective.

She has an extensive background in counselling and teaching and studying the sociology of family, marriage, the life course, children, adolescence, aging, health, sexuality, finances, the economy and more.

What you can expect

Generally, five 75-minute sessions are recommended.

Step 1: Take Prepare-Enrich Relationship Inventory. Suzanne will provide you with an extensive questionnaire to complete independent of each other. You submit this privately, confidentially, electronically. Suzanne will provide you with an access code so that you can retrieve a print out of the results of the questions you and your partner answered. The inventory includes some bar charts and pie graphs and explanations of where you are more or less compatible. Suzanne receives a more extensive print out showing more information about both of you. This helps Suzanne fasciltate the sessions you have with her.

Step 2: Four 75-minute Sessions with Suzanne. Suzanne will provide you with a workbook for exercises you can do between sessions. If you wish to add couples’ yoga before or after each session, this can be set up with Suzanne. She is a 275-hour certified yoga instructor and has developed yoga poses to highlight and focus on the needs of a lifelong relationship.

Step 3: Certificate of Completion. You will receive a certificate after your four sessions.

Step 4: After your wedding, you will set up a follow-up 75-minute session with Suzanne. This is included in your package. We will review your relationship goals, objectives and any particular aspect of your relationship you wish to focus on.

Relationship Inventory of Strength and Growth Areas

Cost $500.00